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The mission of UoA is to provide:


Reputable academic qualifications


Affordable and relevant study options


A friendly and accommodating study environment


A place where students are equipped to realise their dreams and ambitions through: Academic integrity , Service excellence, Flexible, student focused administration, Innovative use of social and technical media

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The vision of the UoA is to be a leading provider of quality distance education throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.




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This exemption policy outlines the principles that apply to students seeking exemption in one or more courses/subjects. The aim of this guideline is to regulate the principles regarding the exemption of the students from courses they have previously successfully completed at Higher Education Institutions. The university will encourage students to apply for exemption of a required course(s) if they have already acquired most of the skills taught in that course.

Exemption will be granted if a student can show successful completion of work of the same level and scope as defined by the course’s learning outcomes. Normally, these will be courses from another institution and also within the University of Africa.


• After enrolling at the University of Africa, students requesting an exemption are

required to apply to the University with an application form no later than 2 weeks before

the commencement of the programme.

• An exemption may be granted to a student in courses that have been studied and passed in this University or any other recognised institutions, subject to the approval of University management. In order to grant exemption, a student is required to submit a detailed results transcript. Exemptions will not be considered on the basis of a certificate only.

• Note that exemptions are granted when you have completed similar courses as that offered at the University of Africa. It should be further noted that content covered at previous institution will be taken into consideration before exemption is granted. If content is below that of the University of Africa an exemption may not be considered.

• Communication Skills is a school course in the School of Education, therefore it is a compulsory course. Only students who have studied this course at a University level will be exempted as long as long as transcript of results is attached to the application.

• A student who may have started a degree programme at a different University but did not finish and wants to continue at University of Africa, all courses covered will be exempted as long as they are offered at University of Africa. Transcript of results should be produced.

• Content courses (e.g religious studies, mathematics, etc) will only be exempted if the course content/outline covered at a Higher Education Institution is in line with that of the University. A student should score a B grade and above.

• Students should note that no automatic exemptions are recommended but the process of determining whether an exemption can be granted involves a comparison of curricula and the standard of qualifications already processed with those of the course from which exemption is sought. You will only be exempted at the approval of the University management. • Each application will be reviewed in order to establish the range and extent of the student’s knowledge, and to determine if this knowledge is at an equivalent level and standard as that from students studying the same material at the University of Africa.

• A course for which exemption has been granted may not be repeated at the University of Africa.

• A student will be assigned a grade of EX for exempted courses. The EX grade(s) will not be calculated in the Grade Point Average (G.P.A).

• Late application for course exemption will not be accepted.

• The maximum number of exemptions that may be awarded is four (4).


1. Register in the course(s) you are applying to be exempted from.

This way if your application for exemption is not granted you will be properly registered in your required courses.

2. Complete the application for course exemption form

3. Ensure that you have signed the exemption application.

4. Attach all appropriate supporting documentation that will assist in the evaluation of your application. This would include a copy of detailed transcript showing the grade(s) obtained for the course(s) you are applying to be exempted from.

5. Submit them to the University of Africa.

Download Exemption Application Form Here